How To Play



  1. Download the PlayCrowd app on iOS or Android.
  2. You must be over the age of 13 and have parental consent if under the age of 16.
  3. You must be located in the UK to play.
  4. Register a PlayCrowd account and verify your UK mobile number.
  5. PlayCrowd is FREE to play, however you must use Game Credits to participate in the daily cash Hunt (more on that below).
  6. You must have a UK bank card registered in your name to withdraw any winnings.
  7. BEWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS so that you do not hurt yourself, or others around you!


Finally… (for all you conspiracy theorists)… WE DO NOT USE ANY BOTS! All players compete directly against each other to find the cash prizes.




Game Credits are FREE and are the only way to participate in the daily cash Hunt.


Game Credits can be earned in the following ways:


  1. When you first download the PlayCrowd app and register you will receive 3 Game Credits.
  2. If you enter an Invite Code when registering, you and the person who provided the Invite Code will receive an additional 2 Game Credits.
  3. If you share your Invite Code, you will receive 2 Game Credits for every new person who downloads the PlayCrowd app, registers and uses your Invite Code.
  4. Keep an eye out for Promo Codes on our social media which can be used for additional Game Credits.


In other words….the more you share your Invite Code, the more you can play and the more cash you can find!




Roam around your city, open the clues and figure out the location of the hidden cash prizes. Check out our How to Play video to see how it works!


How to Play


  1. You can enter the daily Hunt for 2 Game Credits and have access to unlimited clues and cash prizes that day.
  2. You will see the number of clues and the total value of hidden cash prizes each day in the game preview.
  3. Once you have entered the Hunt, you have until 8:00 am GMT the following day to find as many cash prizes as you can.
  4. Your GPS location is marked by the character’s location on the map.
  5. The green icons are clues. Each clue will guide you to a hidden cash prize at a nearby point of interest (e.g. café, hotel, shop etc.)
  6. You can only open clues which are near your GPS location. This is shown by the circular radius around the character.
  7. Once you are within radius of a clue icon, click to reveal the information. The clue will say the distance and type of place where the cash is hidden e.g. “The cash is hidden within 100m in a restaurant”. Additionally, you will see a Hot-or-Cold bar. The closer you are getting to the location of the cash, the hotter the bar will get.
  8. If you are one of the first to reach the location of the cash prize, a button will appear on the screen.
  9. Hold down the button for 5 seconds to collect the cash prize.
  10. A popup will confirm your winnings, and these will be credited to your PlayCrowd wallet.
  11. You can withdraw any winnings from your PlayCrowd wallet onto a UK bank card registered in your name. The minimum withdrawal value is £5.
  12. You compete directly against other players. Once a cash prize has been won, the associated clue will disappear from the map


If you have any questions, message us 24/7 on either our social media: Twitter, FacebookInstagram and Reddit, or email us at




We use advanced techniques to monitor for cheaters. Anyone caught cheating will be given a lifetime ban and in serious cases will face criminal action.


Prize Structure


EVERY clue leads to a cash prize. The minimum cash prize is £2.


Some clues can have multiple cash prize winners. Each winner is paid an equal sum (e.g. 3 different winners for £5 each).




PlayCrowd is a real-time massively multiplayer game. Unfortunately, interruptions and disconnections may occur. This could be due to several reasons such as malfunctions with our systems, loss of signal on your phone, battery dying on your phone etc.


We attempt to resolve such situations as fairly as possible. In the event you do disconnect, please check your prize history to see if you won a prize. To help reduce these issues, we advise you only play the cash Hunt if your network signal and/or Wi-Fi signal is at full strength.